Art of Being

Art of Being

Attitude. Personality. Mindset. Spirit. Essence.

Your state of being is the basis for your existence and how you experience life.

The Art of Being lays the foundation for your first impressions because if you get this part wrong, not much else matters. All other efforts may be diminished or wasted.

Your way of being sets the tone for how people relate to you, behave toward you, and engage with you.

The more positively centered and grounded you are in your authentic being, the more people may be drawn to you.

Becoming the person you want to includes being your best, doing your best, and allowing your personality, passions, and purpose to shine through it.

Objectives of the event:

  • Healthy self-esteem rests upon a strong foundation of core values and an inclination to act and speak in alignment with those values.
  • Take deliberate steps to retrain your brain and turn your inner critic into an enthusiastic, devoted fan.
  • It is hard to earn the respect of others when you do not respect yourself. Others may find it difficult to enjoy your company if you do not want your own.

Date: November 6, 2021

Timing: 11am to 12.30pm

Location: Meeting rooms, ground floor

All attendees will get a free BMI test & 20% off on healthy buffet lunch at Vibe restaurant.

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