Purposeful Living

Purposeful Living

Everybody wants to live a purposeful life. It’s part of our human ways, as we don’t like the feeling of standing still. We need to move forward to some goal or purpose constantly. If we don’t, we are less happy.

How do I Find Meaning and Purpose in My Life? What is the purpose of life? What is the meaning of success and fulfillment? How can I discover what I want? As life is the flow of actions, purposeful living boils down to acting with purpose – or willful action. Join this week and explore How can you live a purposeful life and add value to each day that we live

By attending this wellness talk, you will:

• Learn the essential elements to find or create the purposefulness, how it works, and practical science-based methods.
• Understand the necessity of learning and integrating purposefulness for the balance of life
• Enhance and expand the awareness to understand the more profound phenomena of life
• Obtain the tools to align and calibrate the human mechanism to create ease and effortlessness in life
• Take the responsibility and find the best way forward to identify what went wrong and correct it.
• With the intention of learning, developing and growing learning are the key components of life and its movement toward evolving.

Date: November 13, 2021
Timing: 11am to 12.30pm
Location: Meeting rooms, ground floor

All attendees will get a free BMI test & 20% off on healthy buffet lunch at Vibe restaurant.

For more information, call +971 52 6348 539 or email at sumesh.gopal@accor.com

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