Alexandra Chaston is the Head Nutritionist at Rayya Wellness centre. With almost ten years experience, she is a passionate advocate of the therapeutic power of food for healing and wellbeing.

Before joining Rayya Wellness, Alexandra was the Head of In-house Nutrition at Glenville Nutrition Clinic in London, where she conducted consultations with patients, analysed their requirements, and recommended nutritional programmes to help them achieve their fitness goals.

Previously, she worked at a private drug and rehabilitation clinic in Hong Kong, where she conducted nutritional consultations for patients undergoing recovery and recommended supplements and dietary programmes that counteract nutritional deficiencies.

Her areas of expertise include fertility and pregnancy, PCOS, Endometriosis, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, osteoporosis, high stress/anxiety states, chronic fatigue, thyroid problems, skin health and conditions, menstrual problems, and menopausal challenges.

She is known for working with immense dedication and empathy at all times, supporting clients with practical knowledge and sound advice by leveraging her years of experience as a nutritional advisor.