Rayya Wellness Expands its Holistic Range with the Introduction of Rayya Nutri Juices

Fuel your body, energize your mind and awaken your senses with an exotic range of pure natural ingredients blended into a vast assortment of 24 healthy cold pressed juices, smoothies or fresh juices. Each of the recipes are handcrafted by The Retreat’s in-house specialists, all created to inspire, boost energy and activate self-healing by stimulating metabolism and eliminating daily stress and toxins.

We added key ingredients from Bee Pollen, Spirulina and Matcha within the Rayya Nutri packages, to ensure that consumers on the detox are experiencing the benefits of the freshest and most advanced products available.

Get your nutrition consultation to get the most suitable package to achieve your health goals! Each of the eight packages are detailed below, priced at AED210.

•  JUICE BY THE HOUR – Perfect to boost the immune and detoxify your body; includes the Awake, Energize, Fuel, Detox and Relax juices, with a total of 1.548 calories

•  THE BEGINNER – Excellent for those who have just started their cleansing journey

Include five juices – Lemon & Mint, Sweet Green, Red Beet, Beta Carotene and Fuel (JBH) juices with a total of 920 calories

•  THE SKILLED – Perfect for those who are not yet experts but are used to juice cleansing. Includes 5 juices – Beta Carotene, Spicy & Healthy, Green Detox, Sweet Green and Lemon & Mint Juices with a total of 1,080 calories

•  THE EXPERT – Excellent for expert cleansers, consists of Green Lyfe, Citro-Ric, Spicy & Healthy, Green Detox and Red Beat juices with a total of 1,090 calories

THE ATHLETE – Protein packed package that consist of Green Detox juice and Matcha Love, The Lilac, Cholate Bliss and Pina Colada smoothies with a total of 1,750 calories

GLOW – Anti-ageing properties, perfect for those who are looking for a glowing skin and re-energized body, consists of Red Beet, Beta Carotene, Celery and Green Detox juices as well as the Tropical smoothie with a total of 1,064 calories

RESTORE – Perfect for those who want to recover and reboot their bodies after a fun weekend, consists of a rebooting combination of the Citro-Ric, Detox, Celery, Lemon & Mint juices and coconut water with a total of 922 calories

CUSTOMIZE – Our wellness team will guide on what is best for you, the bespoke option

*The rate is inclusive of 10% service charge, 7% municipality fee and 5% VAT.

For more information please call +971 (0) 4 524 7777 or email contact@rayyawellness.com;